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What Makes our Food So Special?


We realize that eating low-FODMAP could change your life if you have IBS, but it’s tricky to do on your own.

That’s why we designed beautiful, nutritious, and fresh Low-FODMAP meals that are ready when you are. Would removing the guesswork, planning, shopping, and cooking involved in eating a low-FODMAP diet make your life a bit less stressful and more enjoyable? We thought so too :)


We understand that time is precious in our wonderful but hectic world.

Convenience can often mean doing what’s easy instead doing what’s healthy, which is a compromise we never want our customers to have to make. That’s why deliver our meals to your door, and securely package them to pop into your bag and bring wherever your busy life takes you.


We know how important the nutrition and flavour of food is, even on a restrictive, short-term diet like low-FODMAP.

We have heard it from our customers and we couldn't agree more. We wholeheartedly believe that food should always be beautiful, healthy and pleasurable. We take pride in using fresh, wholesome ingredients, and designed our meals to be first and foremost wonderfully delicious food that just so happens to be low-FODMAP as well.