Standing at the edge of the diving board

I feel like I got access to something I wasn’t allowed while watching @brnnbrn’s JavaScript Community – The Good Parts from under the covers of my unheated apartment. (Don’t feel sorry for me, it is my own stubborn, stingy choice that it is unheated.)

Tomorrow is the first day of HackerYou’s Full-Time Web Developement Boot Camp. Tomorrow I dive headlong into a community to which I am so new that I don’t know that bad parts yet.

Brenna O’Brian’s speech at TED was all about letting beginners find their own way and to not shame them into immobility before they had even started to learn the world of Java Script. Ironically, I am so green that I haven’t even encountered any hostility to a question that I asked on Stack Overflow. I just made my first code Pen this week! It was a triangle made with the CSS border hack and I couldn’t be more proud. But I will tell you, I have no idea how to add an image as background to that triangle…Yet!

I am grateful to be part of the HackerYou community which seems to have protected me from any judgement and welcomed me with supreme understanding before I knew I needed it!

So standing here, waiting to be admitted, waiting to feel the frustration and the awe, prepared to commit, prepared to change, prepared to morph, I want to acknowledge the beginning.

Thank you for the open arms.